Laser Hair Therapy

Laser Hair Therapy For Men & Women

Laser Hair Therapy is an effective drug free and non-surgical treatment designed for men and women experiencing early to moderate stages of hair loss. Laser light energy is used to stimulate hair growth through an FDA approved cool laser device. The laser stimulates healthy hair re-growth, stops the progression of hair loss, increases blood supply to the scalp, and strengthens the integrity of the hair. The treatments can also aid in healing certain scalp conditions, and is recommended for post-operative healing in newly transplanted hair.

Laser treatments are recommended to be performed a few times per week for 30 minutes in conjunction with products and scalp treatments. Clients have seen more hair growth after a few months as well as maintaining their existing hair. We offer a complimentary consultation and scalp analysis to see if you are a candidate for laser hair treatments. We also offer at home laser equipment and treatment products.

* As with all hair loss restoration treatments, Individuals results may vary.