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Want thicker, healthier looking hair!

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015 Rich Mele

When your hair is thinning it’s, because the hair follicle is not producing a healthy hair shaft. Laser Hair Therapy combined with the right cleansers and energizers can help those thinner hair shafts get fuller, lessening the appearance of a thinning scalp.

Here is a magnified image of a scalp with thin weak hair shafts:

 weak follicle

Notice how there are strong hair shafts on the left side of the image and on the right side… not so much. 85% to 90% of the hair on your head should be like the thick ones on the left side of this image.

Here is a magnified image of strong healthy hair shafts:

healthy follicle

Notice that all but a couple of hairs are thick and strong. This is the way your hair should look under magnification.

If you are concerned about your hair and want a FREE microscopic hair and scalp analysis, call us today. We can help you. Don’t wait until your hair is too thin, act now.

* As with all hair loss restoration treatments, Individuals results may vary.