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Nioxin is great for everyone!

Friday, September 26th, 2014 Brianne Maffia

Check out this article about Nioxin. We already love their products and here’s why you should too!


Nioxin, unlike many other hair-care products, does not have damaging alcohols and PVP film formers that coat the hair and create buildup on the scalp that clogs the follicles. Instead, it contains essential oils, vitamins and nutrients that are essential for healthy new hair growth. Nioxin products are hypoallergenic and biodegradable. No harmful side effects have been reported.

Nioxin works on the scalp by cleansing away, detoxifying and dissolving build-up on the scalp and hair follicle. It opens up the path for nutrients to enter and feed the roots for healthy hair. It restores the moisture balance to the scalp, increases cellular energy and restores elasticity to the hair. It also increases microcirculation by using your body’s oxygen-containing blood and the nutrients to feed your hair follicles.

Although not originally developed for cancer patients, Nioxin has been proven safe even for use during chemotherapy treatments to help promote a healthy scalp. If used before chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Nioxin will strengthen the hair and remove toxins, protecting the hair from damage on a cellular level. However, if you are currently undergoing any medical treatment, you should consult your doctor before use.


* As with all hair loss restoration treatments, Individuals results may vary.